Dogs rescue humans too!

A dog sniffing a laptop and trying to type.
Illustration by Vanessa Lennon

Dear Olivia,

I don’t think I’m confused again, but maybe I am. I’m confused about being confused. That makes sense, right?

Your parents like rescue dogs, but we don’t really rescue anybody. Or do we? Sure, we bark and scare off porch pirates and treat-stealers. Heck, we’ll bark at anyone who walks past the house!

But is that really rescue? Or do we rescue you by keeping your kibble safe?

Sometimes your mom gets sad when she sees stories about dogs not getting adopted. She says she would adopt them all if she could. Heck, I wouldn’t mind.

But why doesn’t anyone want those dogs? Do you think maybe humans are confused too?

See, rescuing dogs rescues humans too. You give us a bed and yummy foods and we give you slobber kisses and sloppy snuggles. Okay, maybe we make a mess and fart a lot (it wasn’t me last time, it was your dad!) but we also stay by your side no matter what.

Where you go, we go. If you go to the bathroom, we’ll go to the bathroom. If you drop food, we’ll clean it up lickety-split (emphasis on the lick part!) And if you try to sleep past your alarm we will gladly wake you up for walkies! And even if you are so sad you can’t even play ball we will sit with you while you cry. You can hug us and we will let you.

We’re pals, so that’s what we do! See, you don’t just rescue us, we rescue you too! See, I wasn’t confused at all, I just needed to type it all out!

This typing thing is awesome! Now I can be less dumber and more smarter! And I can ask for treats! Speaking of which, the sandwich your mom made for your lunch today looks delicious. Want to share with me?

Love & slobbers!


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