LuLu Lessons

Each week Trixie will include some conversation starters that parents and teachers can use around the letters. The letters are brief (after all, it’s amazing that us pets can even type!) but there are some good points for discussion!

Trixie–LuLu’s sister & best friend!


  1. What would your pets tell you if they could type? Is there something you feel your pets might want? What is it and why?
  2. In Psychology a lot of research talks about meeting basic needs. What are basic needs for animals? Are they the same as yours, or are they different?
  3. Cats and dogs are very different animals. Some pets get along and some do not, just like some humans get along and some do not. This has to do with their personalities and their experiences. What would make some dogs and cats scared of each other? What makes some humans scared of each other? Do you feel that people can get along with someone who is totally different? How do we learn to be more accepting of personal differences?
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