LuLu’s Fur-Family

YES–LuLu is a real cat! She and her sister Trixie were adopted when a not-so-nice person left a box of kittens at the doorstep of the place where my sister-in-law (an amazing dog groomer) worked at that time.

We took two of the kittens, LuLu & Trixie. We named LuLu “LuLu” because she was always causing mischief or, as the old saying goes, she was a real LuLu! As crazy and remarkable as she was, her beautiful sister was a sweet, quiet cuddle-bug.

While LuLu smashed glasses off of countertops Trixie would sit on our laps and purr. They were definitely opposite personalities! These are some of our other fur-family who will be introduced from time to time.

LuLu’s Pals

Jamie (one of the letter-writers) was Ethan’s best friend. She played outside with him for hours. Ethan is my editor/blog-trainer who has helped me set up my blog site, and he along with one of his sisters (Olivia, pictured with Felix) received the letters we are posting.

Our black cat is King Arthur, our gorgeous striped cat is Kevin, and Kisa is our newest canine companion. All but two of our pets have been rescues (the other two were gifts) and I have got to say it–rescues rock!!!