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They’re both wrong

Everyone’s focused on the Smith Slap, but everyone forgets about the Rock-raunchy bullying comment. Not okay.

War=Because the world hates a bully

Dear Ethan & Olivia, You asked me to write about why the world is at war and what it means. Couldn’t you give me an easier question, like what type of fish I like best? (Answer: ALL of them!) Okay, so I can give you a lot of different reasons, but there’s one that overshadows…

What color is Santa? Santa is a calico!

Dear Ethan & Olivia, You’re very lucky. I feel generous today. I almost didn’t send you a letter at all this week. Destroying Redesigning the Christmas tree and sitting on the research papers your mom has been grading has been keeping me busy, but I heard about the kids who got in a fight about…